Design Services for Builders

For Builders, our goal is to create a “finished home design” for each homebuyer regardless of where they are in the home buying process. Each homebuyer is given an all-inclusive opportunity to find their design style, utilize product education tools and meet with a professional design consultant to personalize and create their finished home. Through the process, our goal is to create customers for life — customers who are willing to refer our builder partners without reservation. We partner with builders who want to enhance their client’s home buying experience and stand apart from the competition.

We understand the delicate balance of managing the selection process for the buyer without overlooking the builder’s best interest of profit, timeliness, and accuracy. Our staff of experienced design consultants will assist your buyer in creating a home that will include a blend of color, texture and style with an emphasis on their personal lifestyle preferences and budgets.

Escorting your new home buyer through the process is only a portion of the service we offer to our builder parnters — we are keenly aware of the need for timely completion of the design appointment.  Your buyer will be contacted promptly to schedule their appointment and given ample resource in order to prepare.  Once completed, all selections will be carefully documented and transmitted to the appropriate parties for ratification as required.  The design appointment is one of the most important customer interactions with your buyer and as stated previously, our goal is to create customers for life.

What we offer: