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Vinyl, or Resilient Flooring, has literally been around for decades and is still one of the most popular flooring choices available due in large part to its design flexibility and unsurpassed durability. Today’s vinyl products are not, however, your grandmother’s vinyl floor. Advancements in technology, especially as they relate to imaging, have made many vinyl “patterns” difficult to distinguish from their natural counterparts. Realistic looks, especially wood and ceramic, are extremely durable and designed for everyday living — Armstrong’s Alterna Vinyl tile, for example, affords you a look so similar to natural tile that you will be hard pressed to tell the difference. This product even gives you the option of grouting the surface (or not) yielding the ultimate in flexibility and realism.

Today, there exists basically three types or configurations of vinyl — sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, and the increasingly popular luxury vinyl tile and plank. Each product offers a varying degree of utility and fashion to meet virtually any budget or design criteria. All are durable and time-tested, maintaining their beauty under heavy foot traffic and use. Further, resilient flooring can be a great choice for “wet areas” due to its natural resistance to moisture. When compared with alternative products, this surface offers an attractive installed cost with economical maintenance and exceptional durability over the life of the floor.

Due to the many types and styles of vinyl available today, it pays to do your research. Unlike other flooring products, there are vast differences between entry level and luxury vinyl choices in terms of both style and performance level. Remember that vinyl flooring, regardless of your style choice or budget, is a durable time-tested product that will maintain it’s beauty for years to come. Naturally, we are here to help — if you have questions, please do not hesitate to use the “Contact Us” form on this website.