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Carpet will be one of the design choices requiring you to have a general idea of what you are looking for before you begin the selection process and may require you to balance elegance with utility. Keep in mind that there is distinct difference between meeting needs adequately and meeting them long term.  While the standard carpet offered by the builder of your new home may be acceptable for your immediate needs, it may not be the right choice in the long run due to your individual lifestyle demands.

“The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price”….. Miles Ezell

The fact is, in terms of cost effectiveness, there will never be a better time to upgrade your carpet than before you close your new home. In the long run, your carpet selection will enhance the beauty and enjoyment of your new home as well as increase your home’s value in the event of a future resale — your design consultant will explain this to you more fully.



Better carpet grades retain their appearance and performance characteristics longer and will ultimately add to a home’s value.

  • Pay close attention to how the room will be used. Consider traffic patterns, children, and pets.
  • Improve wearability to accommodate children, pets, and entertaining.

Many people believe that they can replace their carpet after they move in and at a better price than that offered by their builder.

Remember, replacing any floor covering after you have moved in is a daunting and destructive task — furniture must be moved, damage may occur to your home and belongings, and do not forget the inconvenience of your home being under construction……again!

Further, there is an enormous expense involved in taking up old and replacing with new floor coverings. Does it not make better sense to have a quality product installed at original construction (financed over 30 years!) as opposed to paying out of pocket at a later date?

CONSIDERATIONS / What you should know about Carpet

1. Carpets produced today are typically manufactured in 12 foot widths and will therefore require “seaming”.

2. Seams cannot be guaranteed to be invisible and the results will vary based on the texture or type of carpet, its density, and ambient light sources present.

3. A carpet seam that has been joined with hot melt tape, then stretched, will naturally peak — this is completely normal and will typically be resolved by time and traffic.

4. Looped, Patterned, and Low Profile style carpets.
  • Although very durable and unique, you should be aware that seams in these products WILL be visible. The prominence of these seams will vary depending on textures, color, and lighting.
  • When installed on stairs, the backing my be slightly visible (called “smiling”) and is normal


1. Regardless of quality, style, or level of stain protection, all carpets require regular vacuuming and spot treatment to maintain a neat and clean appearance.

2. Stain protection applications do not make a carpet stain proof, only stain resistant. When cleaning carpet, consult the manufacturer before adding additional stain protection.

3. Use extreme caution when steam or chemically treating / cleaning your carpets as certain methods will alter the appearance and performance of the product. Qualified cleaning technicians will normally be able to advise you on the appropriate method of cleaning for your particular carpet.

Houston Carpet Service is here to help guide you through the process and explain your alternatives. Certainly if we can be of further assistance, please visit the “Contact Us” page of our site.